Zerone Birti was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1988 where he now lives. From his early observations of life around him as a child to the now ever developing artwork, the same drive and focus animates his swift hand and sharp stance.

Movement interwoven into a knot that loosens before the eyes. Those words seem to encapsulate his art. Taken from all the centres, the gaze wanders in the meanders of colour and strokes to shape the characters and their ever changing positioning on the canvas. Life, unimpeded and flowing, is glitched at one particular instant, opening all the potentials before and after the pause ; most challenging though, opening up the very moment of observation. We’re there, caught up in the scene, rooted in that very rare conversation between two differences when each turns towards togetherness. Relation is that movement. Relation between the viewer and the viewed, a relation taken one step further when movement makes the relation ever-changing and viable. It is that very knot of potential stalling that loosens as the gaze blends into the present flow. It is that knot that Zerone Birti loosens. And we gladly wish to be there for this engaging disentanglement.